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Image Central Area FrontA JOURNEY through the central counties of Hainan Island takes travellers through a picture-postcard landscape of rivers, streams, mountains and forests and up into the highlands of the indigenous Li and Miao nationalities. Here is found the unique costume, dance, festivals and handicrafts of the Li and Miao, who were among the first permanent residents of the island.

Expansive and diverse, the Central Area of Hainan offers visitors a wide range of sights and experiences. Naturalists are sure to enjoy observing the protected plants and animals found in the national preservation and reserves of the area. Additional natural delights include numerous caves, rock formations, hot springs, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, botanic gardens and orchids. The Central Area of Hainan Island is also the right destination to discover ancient temples and pagodas.

The area is also noted for its deer farms and deer products.

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