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Hainan Island Beaches

Image: Hainan Beaches
Image: Hainan Beaches Image: Hainan Beaches Image: Hainan Beaches

Hainan Island BeachesFROM Holiday Beach on its northern shore to the crystal white sands of Yalong Bay at the island's southern edge, Hainan is rich in that tropical holiday fundamental -- magnificent seaside beaches! Whether located within bustling cities or adjacent to world-class resorts or in remote and deserted locales along the east or west coastlines, Hainan beaches offer fine sands, clear waters and the perfect setting for fun and relaxation.

Beach connoisseurs may like to know that an estimated 50% to 60% of Hainan's 1,580 km coastline is made up of beaches that are between 600 m and 1,000 m wide. These beaches have a slope of about 5º. Seawater temperatures here average between 18º C and 30º C to ensure excellent swimming and beach activities for 12 months of the year.

Among the many great beaches and beach-settings of Hainan Island are:



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