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Image: Hainan Resorts
Image: Hainan Resorts Image: Hainan Resorts Image: Hainan Resorts

Image Hainan Island ResortsHAINAN Island is home to a growing number of world-class resorts offering four-star and five-star luxury and services to holidaymakers and business travellers. Whether your plan is to laze by the pool, travel the countryside, conquer the island's fine golf courses or explore new business opportunities, you are sure to find exactly the right accommodation for your individual needs.

Prominent among the island's top international resorts are the Holiday Inn Resort, Gloria Resort and Resort Horizon situated along superb Yalong Bay in Sanya. Visitors to Sanya and elsewhere will also find outstanding accommodations, dining and shopping facilities at hot springs spa resorts and at the resorts and business hotels that specialise in catering to Japanese visitors.

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