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Image: Hainan Spas
Image: Hainan Spas Image: Hainan Spas Image: Hainan Spas

Image: Hainan Island SpasONCE restricted to leading government officials and people of noble birth, Hainan's natural geothermal hot springs and health spas are now a favourite with visitors of all walks of life seeking to soothe tired muscles and soak away their cares. Located at points throughout the island, natural hot springs are often rich in minerals and can be of real help to people suffering from arthritis, skin disorders and other maladies. Water temperatures here range from 45º C to 90º C.

In addition to the natural springs, health resorts on Hainan also offer visitors invigorating sauna and the famous Chinese medicine massage services in luxurious surroundings complemented with great food and drinks. Beauty treatments here include facials and other cosmetology in addition to hair styling. A Hainan spa holiday makes a refreshing alternative.

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