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Hainan Island Sights and Activities

Image of Hainan Island SightsWHETHER on the land or on the sea (and even under the water), Hainan offers places to go and things to do for everyone. If your idea of a dream holiday is sipping a tall cool drink beside a swimming pool, Hainan has international resorts and top-flight hotels to pamper you and cater to your every need.

For the more adventurous there is hiking and sports of every kind in addition to a wide variety of sights and cultural sightseeing experiences. Hainan is also home to a growing number of tournament-grade golf courses and, of course, the island offers great variety in dining and shopping.

Local tourism officials in Hainan have identified the island's six main holiday experiences as being:

  • The Tropical Seaside Holiday Experience;
  • The Li and Miao Nationalities Cultural Sightseeing Experience;
  • The Hot Spring and Spa Health Holiday Experience,
  • The Mountain Nature Hiking Experience;
  • The Undersea Adventure Experience; and
  • The Golf Holiday Experience.

However, you may wish to add your own category of fun and relaxation on Hainan Island. For your convenience, the information on Hainan Sights and Activities within this web site have been organised under the headings:

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