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West Coast frontTHE rugged beauty of the west coast of Hainan Island had long remained a secret from most travellers due to the area's inaccessibility. But with the completion of the Western Expressway, Changjiang, Dongfang and Ledong counties have drawn an ever-growing number of visitors keen to explore an unspoiled landscape.

Hainan's West Coast Area is characterised by its mountains, rivers, tropical forests and winding coastline. As home to people from the indigenous Li nationality, the region is also rich in culture and history. Notable sights in the area include the Bawangling Natural Conservation Area, Jianfengling Primeval Tropical Forest, Yinggehai Salt Field and Datian Eld's Deer Protection Area.

The West Coast Area is also noted for the production, processing and export of mangoes, cashews, silk, cotton and rattan and bamboo woven wares.

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